Frequently Asked Questions

¿Is it safe to travel to Nicaragua?

According to statistics, Nicaragua is considered the safest country in the region, providing its visitors an unforgettable experience.

¿What is the weather like?

Nicaragua is a tropical country with two seasons instead of four: the dry season and the rainy season, known as summer and winter respectively.

Generally, it presents a warm and sunny weather year round, with an average temperature of 30° Celsius; it is worth mentioning that the weather is colder towards the north side of the country and hotter towards the southern region.

¿What documents are needed to travel to Nicaragua?

A valid passport for at least six months is required to enter Nicaragua.

When entering the country a tourism card must be purchased for US$ 10.00 and the passport must have the minimum validity required.

If you come in by land a migratory tax must be paid which will be dependent on the nationality of origin, it ranges between US$2.00 to US$7.00

I do not speak Spanish, ¿will it be difficult to make the trip?

Visiting a country that speaks a different language can be an adventure. Nicaragua is characterized for its hospitality and warmth of its people and even if you do not speak Spanish at all it will be a pleasant experience filled with learning. You can also request the service of a bilingual guide in each of your expeditions. In the Caribbean coast of the country Creole English is spoken, which will make it easier to communicate with its people.

¿Are credit cards accepted? ¿What type?

Master Card, Visa Card, Dinners Club and American Express credit cards are accepted. You can also exchange traveler’s checks in most banks.

¿Is it possible for me to use my mobile telephone in Nicaragua?

Your mobile telephone can be used in Nicaragua, provided that it has a bandwidth greater than 1900 MHz, as well as having the roaming service active. In Nicaragua there are two telecommunication companies (Claro – Movistar) both with coverage in the entire country with the exception of some distant places or forests.

¿Is it necessary to exchange foreign currency to national currency?

Dollars are acceptable in the entire country, but it is recommended changing a good amount to the national currency (Córdoba) to make purchases in small stores. Euro circulation is not that common but there are certain banks where it is possible to make the exchange. (1USD = 27C$ | 1EUR=29C$ approximately).

¿Which is the best season to visit Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is a country with a warm weather during the entire year, so visiting its multiple destinations turns accessible; generally the north of the country presents colder conditions and sporadic rain so visiting this region is better during the dry periods.

I am traveling for the first time to Nicaragua, ¿What places must I visit?

Nicaragua has many attractions; one can develop a variety of activities:

If you are into surfing, Nicaragua has a privileged weather during the entire year and the magnificent beaches of the Pacific, mainly San Juan del Sur will be a mandatory stop.

León and Granada are by excellence colonial cities that with their infrastructure captivate its visitors. If you are looking for adventure you can slide down the stunning Cerro Negro, tour the Island of Ometepe and the Somoto Canyon, practice kayaking in the Granada Islets, fish in San Juan River and dive in the crystalline waters of Corn Island.

¿How does the system of address works (Nomenclature of streets, cardinal points)?

Nicaragua has a particular address system; there are no street names or numbers. Reference points are used to write down addresses.

Another particular thing is the cardinal points, in Managua, north, east and west are substitute by the lake, up and down respectively, and south is used in the same manner.

¿Is it necessary to have an international driver’s license to drive a rental car in Nicaragua?

It is not necessary; all you need is a valid driver’s license from your country of origin to drive in Nicaragua.

If you have any question in relationship to your trip to Nicaragua, please contact us.

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